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self portrait
having lived in panajachel for twenty three years, the romantic image i originally had of guatemala is long gone
i still find beauty in the sight of a young woman in full mayan regalia
i still find the sight of her speaking on a cell phone incongruous, but now i also appreciate the utility the device offers, and the status it confers
some mayans embrace the old way of life, some want nothing to do with it; if they thought about it most would say they want the best of both the old and the new
the fact of the matter is that most don't think about it all that much; their daily lives, like ours, consists of work; of trying to get ahead
they enjoy success when they find it and do what they have to cope with the disappointments, but on the whole their lives, like ours, are pretty mundane
my initial romance with guatemala is behind me, but then it never was anything more than a figment of my imagination anyway
in the end reality has added texture, depth and subtlety to a palette i thought only contained primary colors
duncan aitken

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